Instagram for business

Tools and Tips to Help Marketers Inspire and Engage on Instagram This video for marketers showcases how some of the best brands on Instagram-@nikerunning, @generalelectric and @benandjerrys-bring...

Tomorrow's textbooks [infographic]

What with the Internets being all over the place and everyone getting all their knowledges from web-o-matic sites, it's only reasonable to think that old fashion 85-pound history textbooks are on their way out.

Digitize and evaluate student work with ThreeRing

Born out of Startup Weekend EDU in Washington DC last fall, ThreeRing has been hard at work over the past few months transforming its initial idea and prototype into a working application and a brand new startup. Earlier this month, ThreeRing launche

Josh Keyes

Alternately passionate and playful, outraged and absurd, the eco-surrealist artwork of Josh Keyes is memorable for its resonant imagery and the haunting themes those images convey. Pas du street art mais génial

Learning notes distributed

Distributed learning y sus aplicaciones. Fuente: El aprendizaje distribuido es un modelo de instrucción que permite que Via Ramiro Aduviri Velasco

The Difference Engine: Beyond HDTV

A YEAR ago, your correspondent noted that, every generation or so, 3D entertainment becomes all the rage, only to fizzle as the technology's shortcomings make themselves felt (see "The best seat in the house", May 7th 2010).

Use the eye as a window in the brain

An inexpensive, five-minute eye scan can accurately assess the amount of brain damage in people with the debilitating autoimmune disorder multiple sclerosis (MS), and offer clues about how quickly the disease is progressing.

The crazy hopes of mobile commerce

Le m-commerce, ou commerce sur téléphone mobile, dépassera les 13 milliards d'euros de chiffre d'affaires en France en 2015. Via Philippe Coup-Jambet

Profession: documentation technician: A proposal ...

Profession : technicien(ne) en documentation: Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire être technicien(ne) en documentation ? Quels sont les défis qui attendent la profession ? Que voulons-nous devenir ? / What does being an Information technician ...

The game | Internet without fear

Fred, Anaïs, Hugo, Morgane & VOUS.... Chers NetDetectives. Nous sommes en 2025. Fred, Anais, Hugo et Morgane voient leur vie chamboulée par des informations publiées sur Internet alors qu'ils

Mapping Conferences this week

This is last minute but there are two lectures in Providence this week that RIGEA members should consider.  One, at Rhode Island College on Tuesday, Nov. 5th is entitled "Mapping North Africa: A Cartographic History, 16th-19th Centuries"  presen

A madness of the first order

By the time F. Scott Fitzgerald's daughter left home for college, the famous writer was destroyed, destitute, and usually drunk.